Diving with Sharks


    Mamitas Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    For the cooler months of the year between November and March you can experience a shark dive that'll set your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Every day we experienced about ten female Bull Sharks that came in close enough to touch and I have videos to prove it.Just a few hundred metres from the…

    Mar y cielo Cebu, Philippines

    Maria Elena Cebu, Philippines

    Great site for Macro-photography.

    Maria's point Malapascua, Philippines

    Great diving because of the strong currents here. Clear waters, good corals and an excellent variety of life. For advanced divers only.

    Marigondon Cave Cebu, Philippines

    Cave entrance is 30-38m deep. The cave is 40m long. Need a torch to penetrate the cave.A little North West of the cave it looks flat at 45 meters. Swim out appx 50 meters and there is a new drop off that goes straight down to 72 meters!

    Marine Station Cebu, Philippines


    Marsa Abu Dabab North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    The Abu Dabab reefs are very spread out and the formation offers a large variety of dive plans. The north and northwestern reefs are home to some spectacular hard corals. The current in all areas is generally moderate. There is everything here: from caves and cave systems, a wreck, closely situated…

    Marsa shagra Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Marsa Shunne Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Matateteiko Point Huku Hiva, French Polynesia

    Large plateau with walls and cracks. Shoals of tunas, barracudas and jacks, and sometime black-tip sharks.If you are lucky: Hammerhead sharks and mantas.

    Miranda Wreck New Providence - Nassau, Bahamas


    Miri-Miri and Roses Raiatea, French Polynesia

    Excellent dive ! Many sharks (black tip), some turtles, and fantastic corals (Roses shapes). One of the best dive of RaƔatea.

    Moray Alley Bimini, Bahamas

    Nice reef life including Morays, groupers, angelfish, stingrays...

    Muri Muri Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    This is a great spot to dive with sharks. The wall starts around 30m. If you are lucky, you may also see some turtles.Take care of the current, it may be strong in this area.

    Mystery Bay New South Wales, Australia

    Entry at the southern car park at the boat ramp, head north from the ramp approx 30 metres across the sand to the bombies. Resident large common black ray can be seen cruising the bombies. Large kelp beds, gorgonian fans, variety of nudibranchs, crustaceans and a variety of fish life.

    Nalusuan Island Cebu, Philippines

    Narooma Wharf New South Wales, Australia

    Moray Eels, crustaceans and a variety of fish life.

    North Channel North Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Manta's cleaning station

    North Point Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

    White tip at north point

    North Point Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

    Northwest Dropoff Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

    Diving in Northwest Dropoff is InterestingTypically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)The average depth is 39.6 m / 129.9 ftTo reach Northwest Dropoff you have to do it By boatThis dive site is best suited for CMAS * / OW divers.

    Nuhi Nuhi Rangiroa, French Polynesia

    Sharks, Mantas, and a very nice collection of reef life.

    Numidia Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    The 137m long British cargo ship Numidia sunk in july 20th, 1901. The bows lies near 8m deep with a pair of Railway Engine Wheels. The rest of the wreck goes down to 40m and the stern lies near 80m.Highlights: Wonderful wreck, Gray Sharks

    Oakita Maru Cebu, Philippines

    This wreck, just off Malapascua, is variously called the 'Pioneer' (it isn't) and the 'Unknown Maru'. Terry Dukes found a reference to a Japanese Personnel Carrier, 'AP Oakita Maru' sunk on 12th September 1944 at coordinates close to the wreck site (N 11-21; E 124-07 reference The Official…

    Ormoc Shoal Cebu, Philippines

    Far from the common hotels. This sandy plateau has great corals (tubastrea coral, acropora, montipora and digitala).

    Outer Castle Cape Town, South Africa

    Outer Castle.This is the boat dive in line with the shore dive Castle Rock hence named outer Castle.About a 15-20min boat trip form Millers.The dive starts around a large rock a couple of meters below the surface.Average depth about 20 meters.You can swim around the Rock or swim off along one of the…

    Parker Cebu, Philippines

    Pioneer Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    Torch is strongly recommended, as well as a serious deep dive experience! Because it is so deep, this Japanese World War II wreck is still in great condition. It was a gunboat in the war, and as you descend, you will see the guns pointing upwards towards you! It is about 60m long, in the upright…

    Piti Un Uta motu Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    This is a typical snorkeling dive. Usually, some guys from nearest hotel come for some feeding. There are many reef fishes.

    Point Pleasant Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

    Diving in Point Pleasant is InterestingTypically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)The average depth is 39.6 m / 129.9 ftTo reach Point Pleasant you have to do it By boatThis dive site is best suited for CMAS * / OW divers.

    Potato Point New South Wales, Australia

    Kelp beds, gorgonian fans, crustaceans, sponges and a variety of fish life.

    Produce Wreck Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Current on this dive may just pick up - hence hold tight on the anchor line

    Protea Banks Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Swimming with huge schools of sharks is the main attraction. Due to depth restraints, the reef is largely unexplored with divers tending to concentrate on a small stretch that is 4 km and 200m wide. Starting at the Northern Pinnacles, a site only for the experienced, divers move south, following the…
    Sharks Resting

    Punta Maria Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Descend onto an underwater mountain starting at a depth of 20 meters (65 feet). Cruise around the cleaning station to look for Galapagos sharks and hammerheads. White tip sharks are also regular visitors here. Experienced divers only, due to strong currents. Good visibility, usually around 20 meters…

    Punta Tunich Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Big grouper and playful green moray eels.

    Pyramid Rocks Cape Town, South Africa

    The area around Pyramid Rocks cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20meters.The Top of thePyramid shaped rock can be seen breaking the surface in the distance,this is a long snorkel out to the rocks.This area has been a marine reserve for…
    This wreck is a replica of the Queen Anne's Revenge. A very colorfull wreck, with impressive canons!Original wreck information: "The Queen Anne's Revenge was the name of Blackbeard's famous pirate ship. Originally named Concord, the vessel was built by England in 1710, but captured by the French a…

    Radio Whisky Tahiti, French Polynesia

    Gentle slope to 15m then a wall to 50m!

    Ras El Torfa Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Ras Torombi Marsa Alam, Egypt